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Homeowners Insurance

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Protect your home from the elements and your belongings from theft.  Comprehensive homeowners insurance is a wise choice for such an important aspect of life.  We will help get your protected from the variety of loses.  


Many additional options are available including:

  • Renter's Insurance:  Many apartment buildings require this type of insurance.  Your landlord will carry insurance on the building, but that doesn't protect anything in the interior.  


  • Condominium Insurance:  Although you're part of the homeowners association, it doesn't mean they cover the interior of your condo.  You need to be protected from loss and personal possessions.  


  • Personal Liability Insurance: No one is completely immune to the risks of everyday life. Whether you're on your way to the mall or doing some work in the garden, an unforeseen event can take the wind out of your sails. There are many good reasons to protect yourself against such eventualities. 


  • Flood Insurance:  It's not necessary to live by water for flood insurance.  Water damage can be caused by several factors including melting snow and storms.  


  • Earthquake Insurance:  Think since you don't live in California you don't requrie Earthquake Insurance?  Think again... One of the largest fault lines in the United States is the New Madrid Fault Line and it's location is right in the heart of America - the Midwest.  


  • Identity Theft and Fraud Coverage:  Don't be a victim to the fastest growing crime in the United States.  



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