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Affordable Care Act

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On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed comprehensive health reform, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, into law. The following summary of the law, and changes made to the law by subsequent legislation, focuses on provisions to expand coverage, control health care costs, and improve health care delivery system.  To review a summary of the bill click below.  

Catastrophe Preparedness 
Catastrophic Death report hed0919.jpg

Catastrophe's can happen anywhere at any time.  Tornado's, Earthquakes, Floods, Ice Storms, Wildfires, hurricanes, etc. can have adverse effects on you are your family.  Taking the proper steps before the catastrophe occurs can be all the difference.  


The below is intended for information purposes only.  For the most current and detailed information go to the government website for catastrophe preparations and  what to do in a disaster:


  • Create an Evacuation Plan

  • Create a Household Safety Kit.


Earthquakes:  These strike without much warning.  Securing the structural areas of your home is key


Hurricanes:   Often there is the opportunity for early warnings.  These crucial moments will allow you time to prepare for evacuation.


Winter Storms:  These can last several days and often times leave you without power.  Putting together the safety kit is an important factor.  


Thunder, Lightning and Hail:   These events usually dont last long, however they can make severe damages to your personal property.  Take an inventory of your personal property.   Thunder storm danger signs usually include dark and threatening clouds. 


Tornado's:  The damage property without prejudice.  You may only have a minute or less to protect yourself.  If a torndo warning is in effect, take the necessary precautions immediately. 


Wildfires:  These can happen in any season and spread quickly.  Review the threat level to reduce your risk and take necessary precautions.  


Water Damage:  These can happen over several days or in a flash flood situation where water rages quickly.  Go to higher ground, dont attempt to cross flooded areas, Turn off all utilities aat hte main power source, listen from a battery operated radio.  



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